Strategic Planning

School Strategic Planning  articulates, monitors and reviews three outcomes that government schools strive to achieve; that is, improved student learning, enhanced student engagement and wellbeing, and successful transitions and pathways.


The Framework supports schools by enabling them to:

  • Evaluate progress towards the improvement goals and targets via an internal school self-evaluation and an external school review
  • Plan for improvement via a four-year school strategic plan and an annual implementation plan
  • Report on progress in core school performance indicators and other achievements via an annual report to the school community
  • Manage risk and compliance with legislation and departmental policies via an on-line school compliance checklist.

These elements are not discrete and independent tasks but rather, in keeping with the intent and principles of good governance, are part of a coherent planning and reporting process for organising school improvement efforts.  Moreover, there are strong linkages between school planning and principal performance and development planning.

Participation in initiatives such as the Ultranet and the e5 Instructional Model will be evident through the goals, targets, strategies and actions defined in the school’s strategic plan and annual implementation plan, with achievements communicated through the annual report to the school community.






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