Deaf Facility

Deaf Facility Brochure


The Eastwood Deaf Facility provides total access to a primary education for children who are Deaf or hard of hearing who meet the DEECD eligibility criteria (see brochure) in a fully integrated setting.

Underlining Eastwood PS’s commitment to children, the school established the first state primary Facility following a major review of education for Deaf or Hearing Impaired students in Victoria.

Eastwood Facility has specialist Teachers of the Deaf (TOD's) based at Eastwood PS, who work in close patnership with classroom teachers to deliver high quality learning experiences in a caring, supportive environment.


Eastwood offers a stimulating diverse curriculum and a wide range of enrichment and support programs. Within the context of the regular classroom program, Individual Learning Plans are developed for each child’s learning. Parents, Teachers of the Deaf and classroom teachers form a partnership, with each member contributing to this process.


Facility TOD's use spoken English, listening and signing (Auslan) to develop communication skills for each student fully. Signing is provided to students whose parents support this choice. Parents are fully involved in decisions regarding the communication method used with their child.  

Deaf and Hearing Impaired students are valued members of the regular classroom participating in a range of quality programs. 


The integrated model brings signnificant benefits to every child in the school. All students are placed in mainstream classrooms with their hearing peers. The classroom teacher and a trained Teacher of the Deaf assist students to work to their potential within the classroom, and in small group and individual sessions out of the classroom working with the student’s designated Facility Teacher.  

EDF has regular, weekly visits from a Speech Pathologist and Paediatric Audiologist. A technician from Australian Hearing visits periodically. A Guidance Officer and Social Worker are also available. The Facility works with outside agencies providing resources specifically to Deaf and Hearing Impaired students and their families.


If you require further information please do not hesitate to send an email to the school and the Deaf Facility Coordinator will reply.


Teachers of the Deaf:

  • Simon Shepherd - Facility Coordinator
  • Julie Stanley     
  • Kerry La Vale        
  • Anne Reismanis    
  • Heather Saynor
  • Tracy Morrow