Peer Mediator Program

Eastwood Primary School has taken 24 peer mediators offsite to Heathmont College to train them in their new leadership role as Eastwood peer mediators. We went through many scenarios, discussed how to be an active listener, how to be assertive, all the qualities you need to be a good problem solver, how to show empathy towards others, how to brainstorm solutions, how to negotiate, what their boundaries are for when they need to escalate a problem to a yard duty teacher and how to follow the '6 steps' to mediate a problem. We were blown away with our students maturity and eagerness to develop their skills, the solutions they were able to come up with and how engaged they were during the scenario practice.

We look forward to seeing them out in the playground at lunchtimes starting next Tuesday 12th March.  
2019 Peer Mediators - Lily, Gemma, Tammin, Skyla, Cooper, Nicholas, Emily, Jenevey, Laila, Tahlia, Jaymee, Kim, Olivia, Aimee, Bawi, Nazanin, Jenny, Sahdia, Annabella, Hugh, Marcia, George, Maddi & Felix.
We are very proud of our Student Leaders - Well Done!