Peer Mediator Program

In 2019, Eastwood Primary School began implementing a Peer Mediator program.  Students volunteer and apply to be a mediator.  Students are taken offsite to be trained in their new leadership role as a peer mediator.  The training involves: going through many scenarios; discussing how to be an active listener; learning how to be assertive; learning the qualities of a good problem solver; understanding the skills of how to show empathy towards others; brainstorming solutions; negotiating; understanding of when to escalate a problem to teachers and how to follow the ‘6 steps’ to mediate a problem.  Students have previously shown a great maturity towards their responsibilities as a peer mediator.   



Kaya A - Stephen T - Eleanor McA - K'Paw M - Elise R - Rohan M - Posie C - Alex W - Shanaya G - Charlie C - Yurui X - Winnie K 

Ruby G - James C - Reya B - Eleanor H - Ahmed N - Aria D - Bentleigh C - Phoebe McF - Angus F - Tabi McC




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