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Term 2 Value

We are now a 5 STAR Resource Smart School.

It is with great pride that we announce our wonderful achievement of becoming a 5 star school. This demonstrates the fabulous work our whole school community do around sustainability and using resources wisely.

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Colour Run

Our 2021 Colour Run was able to go ahead..... Woo Hoo!!!So wonderful to see so many happy students and hear all the laughter as they were covered in beautiful more to see some pics of our fun day

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Real Schools

Our school has made a very important decision lately and that is to become a Restorative School.  It’s all about teaching students that they are responsible for their own actions, to encourage engagement and build pride, respect and responsibility in each individual student.   

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Wonderful Art

Foundation self-portraits with a ROYGBIV background. They all did such a fantastic job.....Well done!!!!

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Parent's Guide to Compass

Helpful guide to navigate your way through Compass - Parent's Guide   

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