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End of Term One

Tomorrow – Friday 27th march
End of Term One
1.45 – Assembly and Easter Raffle draw
2.30pm Dismissal

Start of Term Two
Monday 13th - CURRICULUM DAY
Pupil free day
Students start Term two on Tuesday 14th

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Harmony Week

Students enjoyed Harmony Week participating in various activities each day.

The week ended with Friday 20th March being National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

Our school is proud to TAKE A STAND TOGETHER and support this day.

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Bullying - No Way

There has been a significant amount of media publicity recently regarding bullying. This is an area in which significant research has been conducted and the common findings of world-wide research indicate:

  • Bullying happens in all schools.
  • Approximately half of all pupils report having been bullied at some time.
  • The reported incidence of bullying decreases with age.
  • Boys are more likely to be involved in physical bullying than girls.
  • Bullying takes many forms.


I would love to say that we have no bullying at Eastwood Primary but unfortunately bullying is a fact of life. I do know that we are fortunate to have relatively small numbers of bullying incidents and most of this bullying is considered ‘low level’ bullying. ‘Low level’ bullying includes hurtful teasing, pushing or shoving, subtle but nasty body language and exclusion from games/groups. Make no mistake; I am disgusted by bullying behaviour. It is one of the most insidious actions humans can do to each other. My number one role as Principal is to ensure that every child is feeling safe and happy at school. Therefore, at Eastwood Primary we take the issue of bullying seriously.



  • We have ZERO TOLERANCE to bullying. If we become aware of bullying we immediately deal with the students involved and will contact parents. It is vital that parents and the school work together to assist the victim and the bully.
  • In an extremely busy ‘people place’ like a school, we will not be aware of every bullying incident. Therefore it is imperative that if parents become aware of an issue, they immediately contact the school so that we can investigate.
  • We have very clear procedures to address bullying incidents as they arise.
  • We reinforce with all students the procedure to follow if they feel they are being bullied.
  • We focus on primary prevention programs that assist students to develop skills and abilities to respond to bullying. These are also reinforced at school assemblies.



  • We will not be able to eliminate bullying completely. We can however, through our concerted effort and the ‘culture’ of the school, ensure that it is kept to a minimum.
  • Our experience tells us that in a lot of bullying cases there are always two sides to the story. Rarely do we have incidents of bullying that are unprovoked. So please listen carefully to your child and then give the school time to fully investigate the incident.
  • Often children tell parents that they have been ‘bashed’ at school. What they really mean is that either they felt threatened, or were pushed or shoved or maybe hit. We have never had a ‘bashing’ incident at Eastwood. Once again, careful questioning of your child is important and then, please contact the school so that we can fully investigate.

The main message is that we do not tolerate bullying in any shape or form

and will act immediately with the support of parents to prevent it.

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Celebration Night and Community Expo

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2015 Bell Times


MONDAY afternoon at 3.00pm

Bell Times/Music

8:50       Bag bell

8:57       Music

9:00       Session 1 begins

11:00     Commencement of recess

11:27     Music

11:30     Session 2 begins

1:30       Lunch in rooms commences

1:45       Lunch recess begins

2:25       Music

2:30       Session 3 begins

3:30        Children dismissed

Please note:

The music will start three minutes prior to the start of each session. This is a warning bell to students andstaff that classes are about to commence. Students and staff should be in class by the time the bell rings.

Lunch recess will commence after the students have had their lunch. Lunch play will commence at 1.45pm. Children will not be permitted to leave their rooms until these times. Yard supervision will commence at these times.

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Welcome Back

Welcome back to a new school year. A special welcome to all the new children and their families who have joined us at Eastwood Primary School.  We had 58 new children commence their primary education on Monday. There were many excited smiles, sad faces and tears, but fortunately most of the mums and dads recovered!  We also had 19 children commence their schooling through years

1 - 6. We welcome them and their families to our school. Our current enrolment is 323.

We also welcome the following new staff members:

Ashley Hill in Junior School

Matthew Heathwood in Junior School

Shai Minifie in Middle School

Bianca Mason in Senior School

Beth Thomas in Senior School

Heather Mills taking LOTE (Auslan)

Wendy Vellere as Teacher of the Deaf (TOD)

Christina Monk as Teacher of the Deaf (TOD)


Please take the time to introduce yourself to these new staff members.

In 2015 we have a total of 42 (including part-time) staff members!


The next few weeks are very important here at school as everyone settles into the new school year. Our aim is to make our students feel comfortable and successful in their new year level and classroom. Your child’s teacher will be working closely with the class to establish classroom rules and routines. They will discuss behaviour and work expectations and set the tone for the year. Teachers are also currently working on developing a picture of the capabilities of each student. Lots of assessment happens at the beginning of the year so that we gain an understanding of what your child already knows and what skills they need to develop or refine.

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Building Update

Stage 1 of our new building

The completion of the first stage of our new building was a very longed for and welcome event at our school. Obviously our new Foundation students are very fortunate to be the first to occupy our stunning new learning spaces, however, it is also a sign that we are very close to completing the whole rebuild of our school.


The tenders for the next stage are being finalised as I write this and we will soon see progress on the next stage. As soon as the builders are appointed, demolition will begin, safety fences will spring up and we will at last be able to say goodbye to our tired old buildings!


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2015 Term Dates

All year levels start on Thursday 29th January**Except Foundation**

Foundation Students start at the following times:
Monday 2nd February 2015
9.00am Foundation students with siblings at the school come into the classroom.
9.30am Foundation students from families new to the school come into the classroom.
**Parents are invited to the staffroom for tea & tissues afer dropping off their students.
1.00pm Foundation students will be brought out to the line up area near our classrooms to be collected by parents.

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Transition Program

Transition programs ensure that children starting school are confident and happy, that their parents are comfortable in the knowledge that their children will be familiar with their new environments and that teachers are able to begin making preparations for their new classes.

This week we commenced our transition program for children beginning school in Foundation with us next year. We welcomed about sixty excited little people and their mums and dads to Eastwood Primary. It was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic, smiling faces. The Transition program also extended to all other levels in the school so that every student learns the expectations of their new area and teachers. 

The transition program, in all levels will continue over the next four weeks. Please remember that the groups that your children are in are not the groups they will be in next year. The teachers that will be conducting the sessions will also not necessarily be working in those areas. There are still a lot more decisions to be made before all this is finalised.

A Foundation information session will be held on Tuesday 11th November for all parents and people involved in children commencing in Foundation in the New Year. We welcome any questions you may have at this time. Our aim is to make this a smooth and happy transition to school life for all.

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It was lovely to see more children walking to school today. Initiatives like the ‘Golden Ticket’ and the National Walk to School program all help to encourage healthy lifestyles and it is great to see that many of our families at Eastwood encourage this in their children.

This topic has been hotly debated in the media. There has been a lot of discussion about the issue of obesity and the impact it is having on our quality of life. Research has indicated that 60% of Australian adults are above recommended weight and 27- 38% of our children are overweight or obese.

Obesity is now linked to up to 30 different conditions including Type 2 diabetes, digestive disturbances and associated body dissatisfaction.

Some of the factors which are contributing to the rise in obesity are:

  • Many children are being driven to and from school by parents concerned for their personal safety.
  • The rapidly rising number of hours spent by children in front of a television or computer screen.
  • An increase in family consumption of convenience foods which are high in sugar and fat.

In order to support our children in developing healthy lifestyle habits we need to consider the following:

  • Recognise the importance of modelling healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Find ways to introduce more physical activity into your family lifestyle.
  • Provide limited high sugar, high fat, low fibre foods.
  • Reduce processed and packaged foods in school lunches.
  • Encourage children to eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
  • Provide water as a drink at meal times rather than sweet or carbonated drinks.
  • Reduce TV and screen time by considering taping programs to watch at a more appropriate time, encouraging your children to be discriminating about what they watch; not to watch TV because it’s on.
  • Think creatively about new ways your family can spend time together. Plan to discuss with your family what other activities could happen instead of TV/screen time eg, playing outside, sport, bike riding, gardening, reading, card or board games, drawing, listening to music, playing an instrument, family walks or games. 
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twilight Market

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Wonderful Foundation art Work

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