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It was lovely to see more children walking to school today. Initiatives like the ‘Golden Ticket’ and the National Walk to School program all help to encourage healthy lifestyles and it is great to see that many of our families at Eastwood encourage this in their children.

This topic has been hotly debated in the media. There has been a lot of discussion about the issue of obesity and the impact it is having on our quality of life. Research has indicated that 60% of Australian adults are above recommended weight and 27- 38% of our children are overweight or obese.

Obesity is now linked to up to 30 different conditions including Type 2 diabetes, digestive disturbances and associated body dissatisfaction.

Some of the factors which are contributing to the rise in obesity are:

  • Many children are being driven to and from school by parents concerned for their personal safety.
  • The rapidly rising number of hours spent by children in front of a television or computer screen.
  • An increase in family consumption of convenience foods which are high in sugar and fat.

In order to support our children in developing healthy lifestyle habits we need to consider the following:

  • Recognise the importance of modelling healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Find ways to introduce more physical activity into your family lifestyle.
  • Provide limited high sugar, high fat, low fibre foods.
  • Reduce processed and packaged foods in school lunches.
  • Encourage children to eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
  • Provide water as a drink at meal times rather than sweet or carbonated drinks.
  • Reduce TV and screen time by considering taping programs to watch at a more appropriate time, encouraging your children to be discriminating about what they watch; not to watch TV because it’s on.
  • Think creatively about new ways your family can spend time together. Plan to discuss with your family what other activities could happen instead of TV/screen time eg, playing outside, sport, bike riding, gardening, reading, card or board games, drawing, listening to music, playing an instrument, family walks or games. 
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twilight Market

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We wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday

See you in Term 4 - Monday 6th October

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Wonderful Foundation art Work

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Building Update

You may have noticed dramatic changes to the new building with brickwork almost complete and external panelling in place, it is now time for the plasterwork.  Today I was asked to look at carpet plans!  It all seems so real now and very exciting.   

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Students attend Melbourne Writer's Festival

Wednesday 27th August

Ten students from Middle School enjoyed a wonderful day at the Melbourne Writer's Festival. We attended three sessions, The 52 Storey Treehouse with Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton; The Word Spy with Ursula Dubosarsky and Tohby Riddle and The Great Guinea Pig Mystery with Ursula Dubosarsky and Terry Denton. A wonderful and inspirational day was had by all and we even managed to get autographs!!! 

Thursday 28th August

Ten Senior students went to the Writer’s Festival. We heard from some inspiring writers and illustrators including Tohby Riddle, Michael Camilleri, David Metzenthen and Carole Wilkinson. We found out about how authors develop their ideas and the long processes they go  through to finish and publish a piece of writing. Overall we had a great day and look forward to applying what we learnt to our own writing. 



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Junior School Art

The Junior School students have created these lovely lanterns! They fan-folded paper drawn with crayons and washed over with food dye, then added a pipe cleaner handle embellished with beads.


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Yesterday Marie was formally appointed Assistant Principal of Eastwood Primary school and is now a permanent member of the Eastwood staff. As you must be aware, Marie already has an excellent knowledge of the programs at this school and is very committed to meeting the needs of your children. I have found her support invaluable over the last seven weeks and know that she will continue to be a very valuable member of our staff.

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Auslan BBQ in Fitzroy

Click Here for Flyer

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Minister of Education Visit

On Thursday 14th August our school will have some very special visitors.

The Hon. Martin Dixon MP Minister of Education, David Hodgett MP and Dee Ryall MP will be arriving at Eastwood in the morning. They will meet with our Principal Rukshana, Assistant Principal Marie and School Council President Robert Dark.

While they are here they will tour the classroooms and school followed by a visit to our building site.


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August Calendar

Every month we will email/post a calendar that you can print. You can stick it on the fridge and then have easy access to any important dates for that month.

August Calendar

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Online Canteen Lunch Order Service

Miss Peppercorn Online Canteen Lunch Order Service

Starting next Wednesday (23rd July) Eastwood Primary is very excited to offer our school families an online canteen lunch service.  This is a trial program for Term 3 with the possibility of an extension in Term 4 if there is enough interest. 


The welcome letter gives details of how to set up your account with Flexischools, the financial arm of the service, and then you are ready to order from their extensive list of food items.


Lunches will be delivered to the school just prior to lunch, and distributed to students from the staffroom.  Monitors from each class with lunch orders will be asked to come and collect their orders.   All monies are paid online by the family.  No money or orders are to be sent to school.


Children will be required to provide their own morning tea on the lunch order day.

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